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Client Testimonial: NHS Addictions Provider Alliance

At Brightsparks, we are committed to making a positive impact on people's lives, particularly those most disadvantaged in our society.

This is why our team are passionate about making a real, positive difference to the addictions treatment and support sector and its service users.

Working collaboratively with NHS Addictions Provider Alliance (NHS APA), we are delivering successful high-quality campaigns and we are thrilled to be achieving great results.

It is a pleasure to be working with NHS APA who were kind enough to share their experiences of working with us so far:

"We have been working with Brightsparks for over 4 years now. In addition to providing great results whilst delivering core marketing, communications and events functions, Brightsparks have designed and delivered a series of high quality, very successful campaigns. Through the campaigns, NHS APA has become the leading voice in our sector and has delivered vitally important outcomes that will continue make a difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable service users in our society for years to come.
"Brightsparks have successfully delivered complex, multi-channel behaviour change campaigns aimed at a wide range of audience groups, including: service users, families of service users, NHS APA Members, NHS leadership, community service delivery staff and partners, MPs and Senior Health and Social Care influencers.
"Campaigns have included strategies such as: research, reports/business cases and publications, content marketing, Pay Per Click, Press and PR, lobbying, virtual and in-person events, email marketing, petitions, animation/video production, strategic partnerships, influencer marketing.
"Brightsparks are fantastic to work with. They are passionate about making a difference and have worked in partnership with our Members and stakeholders throughout to make sure our behaviour change campaigns achieve the best possible results."

- Candie Lincoln, Programme Manager at NHS APA


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