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Client Testimonial: Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Brightsparks believes that all children and young people should grow up in a nurturing and supportive environment, with access to the support and care they need to flourish.

We are dedicated to supporting local authorities in their efforts to recruit more foster carers, who can offer safe and loving homes to children and young people in need within their local communities.

Working in partnership with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, we have developed and delivered an innovative and highly successful foster carer recruitment programme, called Foster For Solihull.

The programme uses evidence-based behavioural psychology to reach and engage target audiences, and nudge them towards behaviour change and enquiring to become a foster carer.

It is a privilege to work alongside Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, who have shared the following about working with Brightsparks:

“Since working with Brightsparks we've seen just how effective a digital recruitment campaign has been for our fostering service. From onboarding to regular reporting, the team has felt like an extension of our fostering recruitment team and has always been on hand to deliver something truly collaborative.
"Our brand and social media presence have undergone a transformation to better represent our child-centred fostering service. We've seen significant increases in new leads which evidence Brightsparks' digital strategy for engaging prospective foster carers. We're so glad to welcome more carers so together we can help all of Solihull's children grow up with that vital sense of belonging.”

- Anna Stephens, Head of Service for Fostering, Adoption and Residential Children's Homes


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