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Children’s residential recruitment services for local authorities

Here at Brightsparks, we specialise in recruitment for local authorities Children’s Services departments, including:

Residential practitioners
Registered care managers
Senior children’s residential care workers
Residential care officers
Residential care workers
Head of residential care
Residential support workers

“I would highly recommend them to any recruitment service”
- Justine Hirst, Fostering Recruitment Manager at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Reflect the values your Children’s Services team with a dedicated recruitment website 

Showcase your Children’s Services values visually through a dedicated recruitment website, designed just for you. 

We understand the importance of recruiting from a diverse pool of potential candidates - this is why all our recruitment websites reflect the unique demographic makeup of each local authority. 

Reach targeted

and harder to

reach groups

We inspire recruitment conversations with professionals across the social care industry and encourage people with transferable skills to change career paths. 

We refine your job descriptions to ensure your messaging is accessible to all.

We reach people with valued childcare skills and experiences through data based headhunting campaigns and find engaged candidates for your roles.

Give every candidate the personal experience they deserve

In a competitive marketplace, first impressions count. 

We know Children’s Services teams need support more than ever. With Brightsparks recruitment services, we will deal with unsuitable applications so you don’t have to.

Receive more applications and generate a better applicant experience with our proven applicant filtering and support tools. 

How we can support your residential recruitment goals 

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