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Meet the Team: Sian Williams

Sian is Brightsparks' Head of Marketing and Customer Success.

In her own words...

Professionally: I love getting into the details of a campaign or project with a client, finding the unique messaging or angle that is going to make a campaign fly! It really is such a pleasure to see the end results of a campaign, especially when they exceed the expectations of our clients or stakeholders.

Personally: I love to travel and have spent many years on foreign shores such as India, Mexico, South America and Morocco. All these experiences mean I have scattered friends from all over the world. On my days off you will find me enjoying a countryside walk, at a coffee shop or yoga class and enjoying all the lovely sights York has to offer.

Sian's Background

Sian has spent the last 13 years working for large digital agencies across England. In this time she has been responsible for client delivery for a large portfolio of clients including the likes of Carlsberg, Aggregate Industries and the University of Exeter. Sian has always been passionate in making a difference in society and supporting disadvantaged groups.

Upon finding Brightsparks, she felt she had hit the jackpot by being able to combine her digital marketing experience with impactful and meaningful work. Sian feels she has finally found a place where she can combine her passions and skills to deliver successful marketing campaigns for clients and end service users.

Sian's Role at Brightsparks

As Head of Marketing and Client Success, Sian oversees the operational delivery of all new projects and campaigns. She will be the project stakeholder providing direction, marketing insight and ensuring planning and delivery of projects goes to time, schedule and of course succeed in their objectives! Sian ensures Brightsparks' clients have a direct point of call for any questions or concerns. Sian prides herself in establishing strong mutual relationships built on honesty and shared objectives.

At Brightsparks, Sian has been instrumental in leading the delivery of a wide range of highly targeted social care recruitment campaigns, brand development and public health behaviour change campaigns, as well as launching digital solutions such as an international online conference.

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