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Meet the Team: Lizzie Owen

Lizzie is our Campaigns Specialist.

In her own words...

Professionally: It’s so difficult to pick just one thing about my role that I love when I get to work on so many fantastic and varied projects! I enjoy planning out a campaign or project & ultimately presenting the end product to a happy client. There are so many different work streams in digital marketing campaigns and it’s really rewarding seeing all of our hard work come together.

Personally: In my spare time you’ll often find me practising or teaching karate at my local club, I’ve been doing it since I was young and it’s a real passion of mine! Aside from that, I also love to walk my dog, enjoy a bike ride on a sunny day, travel to different cities and spend quality time with my family and friends.

Lizzie’s Background

With a degree in Biomedical Science and a background in pharmaceutical marketing for a large agency, Lizzie joined Brightsparks in June 2021 and has since gone on to support a wide range of public health, charity and public sector campaigns and digital projects at Brightsparks, from virtual conferences to large-scale behaviour change campaigns.

Lizzie's Role at Brightsparks

Lizzie is the Public Health and Charity Campaigns Specialist at Brightsparks Agency; she plans and executes campaigns and digital projects, develops and manages content, and builds strong relationships with clients to identify and meet their project aims.

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