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Brightsparks Academy: Digital Marketing Programme

We believe in offering people, regardless of background or experience, the opportunity to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Brightsparks Academy is a live "Introduction to Digital Marketing and Employability” programme co-designed and co-delivered by Brightsparks Agency and Brightsparks CIC. Three rounds of the Brightsparks Academy programme have been delivered to date & it’s proven to be accessible, practical and engaging for trainees:

80% of Brightsparks Academy trainees are in employment in the digital marketing sector within 3 months of completion of the course.

Some of our recent graduates have shared their experiences of being on the Academy Programme:

"The programme far exceeded my expectations. It was a really fulfilling experience."
"We covered loads of different things, everything from Google Ads, to Facebook Ads, to the more ground up stuff like how an agency worked in general."
"I found the coaching part of the programme to be invaluable"
"I had expected to get an insight into digital marketing and gain vocational skills, but what I didn't appreciate was how much the course would focus on building me as a person. It felt amazing to grow in confidence and to have other people in my life comment on how much happier I seemed in myself."
"The course is the highlight of my week"

- Brightsparks Academy Graduates

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