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Brightsparks Awarded Carer Friendly Employer Charter

1 in 7 working people are juggling their paid jobs with caring responsibilities outside of work.

Brightsparks believes that it is important that we live our values not only through the impactful projects we deliver, but also in the way the agency is run and the environment we create for our amazing staff team.

In recognition of our work to support staff who are carers, we're thrilled to have been awarded Carer Friendly Employer status by York Carers Centre.

Brightsparks' talented Marketing Executive, Ally, who is also a carer, said:

"Not long after working at Brightsparks a policy was put in place for carers. I live with my mum and dad because my dad has Alzheimer's and aphasia, he is also currently being assessed to see if he has ALS. "Mum is the primary caregiver, and I live with them to support her when she needs respite. Having a family member with Alzheimers is emotionally and physically taxing and the fact that I work for a company that took the time to discuss and form a policy around care for carers is both forward thinking and inclusive.
"Honestly, I just really love working here! Not only are we a creative, solution orientated agency, but the work we do actually makes a difference to people’s lives.
"Lots of companies throw buzzwords around nowadays like ‘Empowering’ and ‘Inclusive’ but at Brightsparks these aren’t just 21st century boxes to tick - these are things that are instilled every day by the warmth and level of care the management team has for our work, our clients and us!"

We are passionate about helping our staff who are carers to balance their working life and caring roles and responsibilities successfully. We have a Carer Champion and policies in place to support all our staff.

Who is an unpaid carer?

Carers provide regular, unpaid help to someone close to them due to frailty, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability. They are parents, grandparents, children, partners, friends or neighbours doing what needs to be done to maintain the quality of life for someone close to them. Anyone can become a carer at any point in their lives. This can be short-term as well as long-term. Many people do not recognise themselves as carers and may not realise that support is available to them.

Find out more about carers and whether you may be an unpaid carer:

York Carers Centre

York Carers Centre is an independent charity and a network member of the national Carers Trust. They work in partnership with carers, statutory and voluntary organisations to ensure unpaid carers throughout York have access to confidential information, advice and support. They work with carers to influence positive change in service delivery with local government, employers, schools and health providers.

Working at Brightsparks

Find out more about working at Brightsparks and our current opportunities on our careers page.


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